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Excellent to Share with your patients. Exogenous Ketones:

How to Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine

Replay from 7.20.15


Adding Weight Loss to Your Practice with our simple system patients can follow. 

20 minute Webinar on Exogenous Ketones:

How to Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine. Patients will love the results: Lose weight, no cravings and more energy. Not a diet plan, a Healthier Lifestyle Change.


Benefits of Adding Weight Loss to Your Practice

Replay from 7.13.15


FGX Health Professionals: Focus on Weight Management

Replay from 6.15.15


The Solution to Your Resolution

Replay from 1.11.16


Ketopia Step 1: KetonX

Recorded 1.18.16


Ketopia Step 2: Dough Bites and Healthy Snacks

Recorded 1.25.16


Ketopia Step 3: Fixx.

Recorded 2.8.16


Ketone Symposium Recap

Recorded 2.22.16


The Proof is in the Pudding

Recorded 3.7.16


Why Ketones?

Recorded 3.14.16


Keto Adaptation

Recorded 3.21.16


How To Create Cash Flow in Your Practice



Cash Flow Follow Up Call:

KetonX Sample Program





FGX Overview for Health Professionals: Pain Relief

Replay from 1.26.15



Doctor's Call with Dr. Saucedo, Rich Stryker, Pharmacist and Dr. Igor Kashaba.



Kevin O'Connor, Dr. Joe Gilson and Dr. Adam Saucedo with patient testimonials.


FGX Power Strips for Athletes



Health Professionals Call: 

Reaching Locally and Globally



Power Strips for Golfers

Monday, May 4th 2:00pm EST


FGX Power Strips 101

Replay from 3.9.15


Power Strips Spring Training Part 3

Pitchers,Cheerleaders and Weekend Warriors.

Replay from 3.30.15


FGX Power Strips +

Pain Relief, Nutrition and Anti-Aging

Local and Global Opportunity

Replay from 4.6.15


8.18.14  Ali Lang my guest

Recorded Health Professionals Call


Doctors Opportunity Call with Kevin O'Connor 9.15.14